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Experimental study on reuse of demolished concrete waste

“Crushed concrete waste as coarse aggregate for high-performance concrete”, WIT Transactions on the built environment, Vol 85, @2006. [2] Chavan.R.R and Kulikarni.D.B, “Performance of crushed concrete waste on strength properties as partial replacement of fine

Strength, Economic and Sustainability Characteristics of Coal

The strength of geopolymer concrete using fly ash is studied and effect of replacement on the strength of fly ash– GGBS based geopolymer concrete is discussed along with cost and environmental impact analysis. 4.1. compressive Strength Fly ash based geopolymer concrete attained compressive strength of 68MPa while bottom ash based concrete ...


High Strength Concrete using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) Thavasumony D, Thanappan Subash, Sheeba D. Abstract — Concrete is a brittle material when it undergoes heavy loads, cracks will form and to reduce this and improve high strength

Utilization (recycling) of iron and steel industry by-product

Oct 19, 2013 · Utilization (recycling) of iron and steel industry by-product (GGBS) in concrete: strength and durability properties. Abstract. Due to exponential growing in urbanization and industrialization, byproducts from industries are becoming an increasing concern for recycling and waste management.

Sustainable Development of Ready-Mixed Concrete in Hong Kong

Limited by the local regulation, concrete strength must be measured at 28 days after concreting. Concrete with PFA and/or GGBS will have 10-20% strength growth after 28 days. Studies is carrying out to fully utilize the ultimate strength of PFA/GGBS concrete in design and construction. Incorporation of PFA and GGBS in concern as adopted

Study on Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of

Study on Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregates with Ceramic Tiles and Fine Aggregates with Ceramic Tiles and Rebutted Tyre Waste ... reuse of demolished constructional ...

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An experimental study on the strength properties of concrete

achieving the strength. GGBS and glasses are the waste merchandise. Therefore, the disposal problem of stuff is solved aspect by way of aspect the saving of cement and sand will be done. There will be environmental and the economic benefits from the utilize of recycled waste glasses and GGBS to concrete production.

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strength is tested and compared with M25.Use of plastic bottles and demolished material will reduce its aggregate cost. Hence it also proves to be cost effective. KEYWORD: M50 Concrete Cube, Plastic bottles, Demolished Material, Compressive Strength 1.0 INTRODUCTION Management of solid waste is a very serious challenge faced all over the world.

Rate of Strength Gain of Concrete | Concrete Strength Over time

Strength can be defined as ability to resist change. One of the most valuable properties of the concrete is its strength. Strength is most important parameter that gives the picture of overall quality of concrete. Strength of concrete usually directly related to cement ...

Study of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as Fine Aggregates in

specimens were moist cured. The test results proved that the compressive strength of concrete mixtures containing GGBS increases as the amount of GGBS increase. After an optimum point of 55% replacement, the addition of GGBS does not improve the compressive strength. The early strength of GGBS concretes was lower

Ground granulated blast-furnace slag

Concrete made with GGBS continues to gain strength over time, and has been shown to double its 28-day strength over periods of 10 to 12 years. [ citation needed ] The optimum dosage of Ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) for replacement in concrete was reported to be 20-30% by mass to provide higher compressive strength compared to the concrete made with only cement.

Strength and Durability of RecycledStrength and Durability of

2010 International Concrete Sustainability Conference, Dubai, UAE 10 Test Program The recycled aggregate was obtained from a demolition construction waste at Emirates Recycling Pty Ltd in Dubai. “Emirates Recyygcling” is an million joint venture between Al Rostamani Group and the Italian General Work infrastructure development company ...

(PDF) Strength and Durability Studies on GGBS Concrete

Split Tensile Strength of concrete for M40 vs % of GGBS From Figure 6 and 7, it is observed that at about 40% replacement of cement with GGBS, concrete attains its maximum split tensile strength ...

Ggbs As Partial Replacement Of Opc In Cement Concrete An

Ggbs As Partial Replacement Of Opc In Cement Concrete An Experimental Study,IJSR - International Journal of Scientific Research(IJSR), IJSR is a double reviewed monthly print journal that accepts research works. 36572+ Manuscript submission, 9855+ Research Paper Published, 100+ Articles from over 100 Countries

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Sabinet | Partial replacement of cement by ground granulated blast furnace slag in concrete

The increased quest for sustainable and eco-friendly materials in the construction industry has led to research on partial replacement of the conventional constituents of concrete by two selected waste materials. The broad aim of this work was to investigate the ...

“Ground Granulated Blast Slag (GGBS) In Concrete – A Review”

Replacement levels for GGBS vary from 30% to up to 85%. Typically 40 to 50% is used in most instances. For on the ground concrete structures with higher early-age strength requirement, the replacement ratio would usually be 20 to 30%.

(PDF) High Strength Concrete using Ground Granulated Blast

To produce high strength concrete these Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag is used. ... waste glass, incinerat or ... with GGBS content ranging typically from 30 to 70% and in the production of ...

Mechanical properties of recycled concrete with demolished

The 28-day compressive strength of the concrete drops by 9.6% or 13% when the NCA is completely replaced with RCA or RBA. For concrete with RCA the strength development continues after the 28 days curing; whereas for concrete with RBA the strength development becomes very slow after the 28 days curing.

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Strength and Durability Properties of Alkali Activated Slag

b) geopolymer concrete 78 Figure 4.19 Strength development of blended GGBS-OPC and AAS concrete 81 Figure 4.20 Strength development of FA-based geopolymer concrete 81 Figure 4.21 Rate of absorption vs square root of time for blended concrete 82 Figure 4.22 Rate of absorption vs square root of time for AAS concrete 83

Concrete: Cement Substitutes - GGBS, PFA and more

GGBS Producing cement uses a great deal of energy, so finding a waste product that can substitute for cement makes good environmental sense. To varying degrees, cement substitutes work in two ways: • First, they hydrate and cure like portland cement. ...

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Strength and Durability Studies on GGBS Concrete

SSRG International Journal of Civil Engineering (SSRG-IJCE) – volume 2 Issue 10 October 2015 ISSN: 2348 – 8352 Page 34 Strength and Durability Studies on GGBS Concrete Santosh Kumar Karri1, G.V.Rama Rao2, P.Markandeya Raju3 ...

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag GGBS Concrete

GGBS concrete behaves in a similar manner to fly ash concrete and affects the setting time, strength gain and workability of the concrete. GGBS Physical Properties GGBS used in concrete is a byproduct of metallurgical processes, most commonly the blast furnace production of iron from iron ore.





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